The number one weapon in your arsenal of property marketing tools. Buyers make up their minds about a property in seconds so make that first impression count. Plus good photos (and plenty of them) will help you sell your home faster. FACT.

So how can you prepare for a successful SELF home photoshoot?

📸 Use good quality equipment, either a digital camera or a smartphone with top-notch photography capability.

📸 Pick your time of day carefully. Make the most of a bright, clear day when your home will be bathed in natural light inside and out - but open up those shutters and curtains and switch the lights on too.

📸 If you need to, move furniture around to make a room appear more spacious.

📸 Go on a declutter rampage! File that stack of letters, put the dishes away, remove the self-portrait of your 5 year old from the fridge and hide the dog bowl.

📸 Get as many photos as possible to show off every positive aspect of your home and shoot from a position where you're sure to capture as much of that room as possible.

📸 Set the scene with items that a potential buyer would expect to see in that room: a full, colourful fruit bowl in the kitchen, folded towels in the bathroom or a vase of fresh flowers in the living room.

📸 And lastly, make use of our clever in-platform photo editing tool to make your pictures really pop!

Happy snapping!