Common Questions, Answered

Please see below the most common questions.

Why use instead of a traditional estate agent?
Unlike with a traditional estate agent,  Agreed gives you all the tools to mange the sale or let of your property and puts you in control of all the major decisions. If you're interested in using Agreed please check out our Why Sell or Why Let with Agreed pages.
How much does it cost to sell or let with Agreed?
All our pricing can be found on our Pricing page. Please click the link for further information on all our products and services.
How is Agreed different to Zoopla & Rightmove?
Rightmove, Zoopla & Primelocation are property portals. The public cannot list directly on these portals they have to go through an estate agent like Agreed.
Are my personal details safe & secure if I list my property on Agreed?
Yes, your details are always kept safe & secure through military grade encryption. We will never share details without your prior permission.
Are there any hidden fees?
No, you only pay for the marketing products you wish to use. Remember that you have complete control of the process. We don’t charge an up front fees or a commission when you sell or let.
Where will Agreed market my home?
With Agreed you can chose where you want to advertise your home. Choose from one of the following or all. Rightmove Zoopla & Primelocation and Listglobally. We also list all properties on the Agreed Facebook & Twitter. If you want more information on these or any of our marketing options see our Pricing page.
My property is already on the market. Can I use Agreed?
As per the terms in your contract you may be allowed to market the property with Agreed alternatively your contract will have a cool down period and once this has come an end you will be free to market your property as you wish.
How does the Seller or Landlord communicate with potential buyers or tenants?
Once the buyer or tenant has made an enquiry through one of the property websites Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocation, ListGlobally and Agreed you will then be able to converse directly with one another through our secure 🔐 messaging platform 💬. All viewing requests, offers and negotiations and sales memorandum can be handled and created through the platform.
Is there a 'tie in' period or contract length?
No, you can remove your property whenever you want. If you have a subscription, you can cancel it at any time. However subscriptions are non refundable so if one is cancelled before it has expired then no refund will be made for the remaining time. 
Do I have to use your paid services?
Yes in order to market your property you will need to purchase one of the following Rightmove, Zoopla & Primelocation and/or ListGlobally subscriptions. However all our other products are optional.  For more information please click the link Pricing
Do you charge a fee for at completion when my property sells or when my tenant moves in?
We only charge you for the marketing products you chose. Subscriptions end when you want them to end it's completely up to you. So No we don't charge a additional commission or fee once the property has LET or SOLD.
What happens if I do not sell or let my property?
If you decide to remove the property there will be no termination fee. You are only charged for the products you have paid for, which are non refundable. 
Would I get more money for my property with a high street Estate Agent?
Agreed will give you all you need to achieve the best possible price. Your listing on the major portals has all the same components and you can make your listing look as professional as any you'll see with any traditional estate agent.  Agreed has been created by experienced estate agents to ensure you have all the tools at your disposal to enable you to sell or let for the best price. If you don't want to take our word for it, feel free to look at our reviews located at the bottom of this page. 
Where can i view your Terms & Conditions?
Clink the link to view our Terms & Conditions
How do I get a valuation?
Agreed users can set their own valuation, with help from our automatic valuation tool to guide them. You can do this too, in less than two minutes, for free - simply click here Free Valuation Report If you already have a valuation in mind and are ready to go ahead click this link List my Home
When and how do I pay for marketing products such as Professional Photography, Floorplans EPC's & 3D Virtual Tours?
Professional Photography, Floorplans EPC's & 3D Virtual Tours can all be purchased from within the Agreed these can either be purchased individually or in a bundle. Once you've added your property listing to the platform then you'll be able to start purchasing these products. Click here if you need more information on Pricing
Can I use my own solicitor or do I have to use one of yours?
We give you the option of using our recommended Solicitor, however if you have your own just enter their details into the people section and when the offer has been accepted you will be able to assign it to the relevant property. 
I am an estate / letting agent, can I list my clients properties via Agreed?
No, Agreed is for property owners only. All listings go through the same strict checks that are carried out by any other estate agency, including Anti Money Laundering and proof of ownership checks.