We don't always get as much of it as we'd like here in the UK so we say make the most of what we do get!

There are some incredible benefits to maximising the natural light in your home - for body and mind.

🔆 The UV radiation in sunlight is a natural disinfectant which can act to kill bacteria and viruses in the home

🔆 Natural light stimulates Vitamin D production to give our immune systems a boost - it can even reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes

🔆 It elevates our moods and helps us to sleep

🔆 Natural light lowers blood pressure

🔆 Sunlight makes us calm, alert and focused, thereby increasing our productivity levels.

Actually the list of the benefits of natural light is fairly comprehensive, but how can we quickly and simply let the light into our homes (without knocking down walls and adding skylights)?!

Pull back those curtains and open the shutters, use cleverly placed mirrors to reflect the light deeper into your home, stick to light and bright colour schemes if you're redecorating, reposition bulky furniture if it's blocking windows or doors, trim any greenery that might be blocking the light outside your home and lastly, make sure the windows that you do have are sparkling clean!