Seven good reasons to have a For Sale Board

  1. Putting a For Sale Board up outside your home shows prospective buyers that your serious & motivated to sell.
  2. Some buyers that have viewed your property online will want to drive or walk by before deciding to actually view - a board allows them to find your property quickly and easily.
  3. It's a 24 hour marketing tool that will bring attention to your home! Some buyers may not have seen your home listed online so having a board means you're reaching a whole new audience of potential buyers.
  4. If your neighbours and locals know that you're looking to sell up, word of mouth can be a powerful tool in helping you to find a buyer.
  5. A For Sale board is a beacon for opportunistic buyers who may be visiting your area.
  6. Having a For Sale board may prompt locals to move when they weren't necessarily planning on doing so.

A For Sale board is a powerful tool in your property marketing arsenal so don't discount it. It might just be the thing that sells your home for you...