Set the stage!

Here we share our top home-staging tips for a successful sale…

So, you’ve taken the leap to sell your home and you’re ready to move to pastures new, but is your home ready for its time in the spotlight? 

Staging your home, whether it’s for a virtual viewing or a socially distanced one, is arguably the number 1 tool in achieving a quick sale at the price you hoped for. In fact, according to Zoopla, 53% of the sellers they surveyed said that they would have sold their house for more if they had staged it. 

Your house is more than a house – it's your home – but when you’re ready to sell up, it pays to take a step back and think about how potential buyers will look at it. 
Our first tip is to create a SNAGGING LIST of all those jobs around the house that you’ve been meaning to get sorted, and get them done. These are usually the inexpensive things that you've lived with for so long you no longer notice them – think scuffed skirting boards, a light fitting without a shade, or a cracked bathroom tile. 

Next, imagine who your TARGET AUDIENCE is likely to be. Will your house attract first-time buyers, a family, or buyers ready to downsize? What attracted you to the house when you bought it? Do your research and make your home as appealing as possible to your target buyer. 

Don’t underestimate the QUICK FIX. If you’ve got an imminent viewing and you need your house to look sharp in a hurry, you can fake it to make it. De-clutter the surfaces, make sure you’ve got as much light coming into the house as possible, spritz some room spray, and chuck an expensive looking throw over any slightly dog-eared furniture – these little details go a long way in achieving the very best first impression. 

There’s a whole heap of helpful advice on creating a perfectly staged house, so check out the rest of our selling guides for room-by-room staging tips!