Scrubbing Up For A Sale

We look at how your bathroom could help you make a splash when it comes to selling your property. Although it’s natural to pay a lot of attention to staging the key living areas of your home, it’s important not to overlook your bathroom when showing your house at its best. Buyers will be looking for a clean, well-maintained space, and it’s an added bonus if you can add a little luxury for a spa-like feel.

Here are a few ideas to ensure your bathroom doesn’t wash over any prospective buyers.

🛁 We've said it before, and here it really is vital – make sure your bathroom is SQUEAKY CLEAN. Take a step back and really look at your bathroom as if you’re a guest. Remove any mildew, stains, and take the time to refresh any grouting or caulking.

🛁 Your bathroom is a very personal space, but when you’re selling up try to remove as much of you as possible from the bathroom. Hide away your toiletries and keep your surfaces as clear as possible, making it feel FRESH AND FUNCTIONAL.

🛁 If your bathroom has seen better days, consider a few quick and INEXPENSIVE UPDATES. It could be as easy as a fresh lick of paint on your walls or cabinets, or create a more contemporary look with some new taps.

🛁 Finally, a few FINISHING TOUCHES can transform your bathroom from sparse to spa-like. Hang up some waffle robes, light a beautifully scented candle, stack fluffy hand towels in a basket, buy some glass jars to fill with cotton balls and use some indoor plants for a heaven-sent utopia.

Staging your home ready for sale allows buyers to see it at its best. Home staging is an inexpensive way to avoid a full home makeover, but will undoubtedly give you a quick sale at the best possible price. Best of luck!