A Spotlight On Prestwich
02/08/2021 12:00 AM 1

Want to get the best out of living in Manchester but with a slightly more ‘village-y’ vibe? Prestwich, the second in our Manchester Agreed Hotspots Series, is an ideal location for those looking for the convenience of being near the city, but with a little more space for family life.

Located about 4 miles from the city centre, Prestwich is a great little residential suburb. A real family hotspot due to the proximity of some of the area's best primary and secondary schools, it’s also a brilliant commute. The Heaton Park tramway takes you straight into the centre of the city, so you can drop the kids at school and get into work in no time.

The pace of life in Prestwich is a little slower than in central Manchester and the access to green spaces gives you the freedom to explore the great outdoors. Heaton Park is ideal for families, with a boating lake, riding facilities, and huge open spaces to let your adventurous side run wild. You could also head off on your bikes to Prestwich Forest Park, with 200 hectares of woodland and park to explore and get closer to nature.

Prestwich is certainly quieter than the centre of town, but it still has a buzz of its own. Its thriving centre has a real community feel, and you’ll find great eateries and independent shops worth visiting again and again, and with the same quirky feel as the more trendy central Manchester locations. Try Cuckoo for a slice of wood-fired pizza whilst you enjoy one of the acoustic sessions or cinema nights. There are also some amazing events and festivals that take place every year in Prestwich, like Parklife, the largest metropolitan music festival in the UK.

Although Prestwich is a little on the pricier side for Manchester – the average house price is around £256k - it’s easy to see why. This is the perfect location for young families, with its affordable housing, easy commute, a choice of great schools and the space to breathe when the weekend finally rolls around.

Image: Heaton Park, Manchester

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Daniel Brecker
13/09/2021 11:43:46
We are a young working family and have lived in Prestwich for 7 years and work in Manchester City Centre. I agree with this - a great location and over the last 5 years the rise in the number of local bars, restaurants has been very handy. 15 minute taxi into Manchester town centre but increasingly, everything we need is on our doorstep. With young kids, Heaton Park and the kids school on the way to work it is a very convenient place to be and helps with balancing the busy schedule or family and kids!
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