P Is For Preliminary Enquiries
02/02/2021 12:00 AM 0
...or simply 'enquiries' are the initial enquiries raised about a property by the buyer's conveyancer which the seller must answer before contracts can be exchanged.
The answers to these enquiries are designed to help a buyer's solicitor understand any potential legal issues that may affect the property - so that they in turn can make the buyer (and their mortgage lender) aware before they commit to the purchase.
Here are some typical enquiries...
? Property Condition
For example, whether a property is liable to flooding, subsidence, structural defects or drainage issues or when the house was last rewired.
? Maintenance
When were the windows fitted? How long ago was the boiler installed/serviced? These questions will tell the buyer when they're likely to have to spend money on maintaining or replacing certain features of a property.
? Restrictions
Are there any restrictive covenants in place or restrictions outlined in the deeds with regards to development of the property or land? Are there any outstanding planning permissions where consent has not yet been granted?
? Rights of Way and Access
What are the boundaries of the property? Do any neighbours have shared access to the driveway or rear of the property? Who has responsibility for the fences or hedges?
? Neighbours
We all want to avoid disputes with our neighbours! So it's important to find out whether there are any current or past disputes or whether the seller has been forced to report the behaviour of any of their neighbours to the police.
? Contents
These are enquiries related to which (if any) of the contents of the property and land the seller intends (or has agreed with the buyer) to leave behind.

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