A Spotlight On Manchester
09/06/2021 12:00 AM 0

Ode to Manchester

Whether you’re a Red or a Blue, you’re on Liam’s side or Noel’s, no matter the side of the fence you sit on, there’s no argument that Manchester is brimming with reasons to live there.

Let’s take a little journey back through history to the Industrial Revolution: Manchester was its birthplace, and since then the city hasn’t looked back. Although Manchester’s wonderful architecture often reflects the birth of industrialisation, the city itself has never stopped evolving.

With all that history, it’s no wonder that Manchester is one of the UK’s cultural command posts. Home to the Museum of Science and Industry, the Lowry and the Imperial War Museum North, there’s plenty of high culture to get stuck into. Add to that a thriving theatre and arts scene, and the move of the Beeb up north, and you will never be looking for things to do.

Of particular acclaim is the music that seems to flow so naturally from the souls of Mancunians. Take Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Joy Division – just a handful of bands that Manchester has spawned, and a massive part of why Manchester is a major destination on the gig circuit. That’s before we’ve even mentioned the nightlife! If you’re old enough to remember the days of the rave, or you love the lively gay scene in Canal Street, you know there’s a party somewhere in Manchester with your name all over it.

The city is home to a world-class University - a perfect spot for cash-strapped students as the cost of living in Manchester is substantially less than living down south. We’re pretty certain that students from all over the world are also drawn to Manchester’s independent spirit, café culture and the spirit of vintage fashion found in places like Affleck’s Palace.

Then there’s the obvious – sport! Manchester is arguably the world’s most successful sporting city. Yes, we could talk about United versus City all day, but there’s a whole lot more to Manchester’s sporting side than that. Cricket fans will know all about the Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground, home to Manchester’s cricket since 1857. The Commonwealth Games in 2002 also left a legacy of incredible sporting venues, allowing it to become a place of real sporting significance globally and for the benefit of local Mancunians.

If you sometimes need a breath of fresh air away from city life, then one of the greatest things about living in Manchester is the ease at which you can escape it! The Peak District lies on Manchester’s doorstep, so when you’ve had your fill of city hedonism you can temporarily disappear from the busy streets, pull on your hiking boots and explore the countryside.

Manchester really does have it all. Foodies, shopaholics, gig-goers, culture lovers, students, young professionals, outdoor types – whatever you’re into, you’ll find it in Manchester. In the words of those famous Gallagher brothers, Some Might Say that Manchester will make you want to Live Forever.

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