T Is For Title Deeds
25/03/2021 12:00 AM 0
Title Deeds are legal documents that show the chain of ownership for property or a piece of land. They may also be referred to as 'land certificates'.
They are essentially a trail of documents that prove a property's ownership and can include contracts for sale, mortgages, the lease, conveyancing documents and wills.
🏠 Obligations regarding repairs and maintenance
🏠 Any restrictions on altering the property (eg. extending)
🏠 Access and rights of way
🏠 Restrictions on using the property to run a business
🏠 Rights the owner has to roads that cross the property
You can access the title deeds for your home by contacting HM Land Registry who hold the deeds digitally - if a property has been registered.
When selling your home, your solicitor will need to produce the title deeds for your buyer's solicitor. They will then review the document, raise any questions they or the buyer may have and then accept the document once they are happy that all is in order.

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