A Spot Light On Wandsworth, London
Wandsworth is a vibrant and diverse borough in London with many appealing features. While opinions on the best aspects of living in Wandsworth can vary from person to person, here are ten reasons why many people choose to call Wandsworth their home.
20/09/2023 12:00 AM 0
How Much Does It Cost To Move?
Buying a home is a major life event that comes with several financial considerations beyond the purchase price. It is important to consider all the costs involved before taking the leap into homeownership to avoid any surprises or unexpected expenses down the line. Here are the major costs you should be aware of when buying a home in the UK.
16/05/2023 12:00 AM 0
Spring Into Action: The Benefits Of Selling Your Home In Spring
Spring is a popular time to sell a property in the UK, not least because of warmer weather, longer days and blooming gardens. But there are also several other factors that make spring the best time to sell a property in the UK...
02/05/2023 12:00 AM 0
Moving Day: Make Your New Place Feel Like Home From Day One
We all know how stressful moving house can be. The emotional rollercoaster of your offer and will they / won't they accept it, followed by whether the sale will go through, not to mention the money involved in solicitors' fees and removals companies. Then on moving day you’re exhausted from lugging your life’s belongings into their new home. So how can you dial down the stress and make your new place feel like home as soon as you put those new keys in the door?
03/11/2022 12:00 AM 1
How Can I Get The Best Return On My Rental Property?
If you want to max out the return you can get on your property, there are still things you can do to add more value to your rental and hold on to your tenants for longer.
27/10/2022 12:00 AM 0
Top Tips For First-Time Sellers
At Agreed we provide you the tools you need to sell your home with our self-service property platform, saving you thousands in estate agency fees in the process. But we know that for first-time sellers, the idea of selling may seem a little daunting. It’s time to throw away your preconceptions of what it takes to sell a house and join us in the property-selling revolution!
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Landlord's Checklist: 9 Questions You Should Be Asking Prospective Tenants
Whether you’re fresh out of the block, or you’ve been in the business for donkey's years, every landlord wants to find the best possible tenants for their rental property. When prospective tenants come for a viewing, that’s your chance to ask some face-to-face questions to make sure you’re happy that your tenants meet your expectations.
09/09/2022 12:00 AM 0
Landlords, Here's What Tenants Want From A Rental Property...
The rental market is growing in the UK, and with it comes the need to keep up with the competition. Landlords now need to be acutely aware of not only getting the basics right, but also keeping up with rental trends, which may just get a letting over the line in a crowded marketplace.
26/08/2022 12:00 AM 0
What Documents Do You Need To Sell Your Home?
Selling a home requires a certain level of admin that can leave you groaning at the mere thought of it all. So here’s a handy little checklist of all the documents you will need when selling up.
12/05/2022 12:00 AM 0
Setting The Stage For A Successful Sale
So, you’ve taken the leap to sell your home and you’re ready to move to pastures new, but is your home ready for its time in the spotlight? Take a look at our top home-staging tips so potential buyers see it at its very best!
11/05/2022 12:00 AM 0