Photo Enhancements

Virtual Furniture  from only £9.99 
  • Increase buyer interest
  • Higher sale price
  • Get rid of that empty feeling
  • Sell properties faster
  • A fraction of the cost of real staged furniture

Choose from the following styles:


By selecting Scandinavian, we will stage your room with minimal and sophisticated furniture. Your listing with be filled with warm wood tones and indoor plants to create a light, bright space. Imagine that beautiful worn leather couch with a blanket or fluffy throw or that bedroom with relaxed layered bedding to create that understated welcoming yet cosy feeling.


We create classic and light spaces with furniture appropriately placed in a formal arrangement to invite conversation and create a very balanced space. Subtle colour inclusions are used to make those heavy textures and pieces of furniture used to open the space and create lightness. You can often find velvets, richly decorative woven fabrics, cottons and silk in florals, paisleys, stripes and plaids patterns.


Our professional editors will use furniture that involve metal, glass, steel or unpainted wood elements to create a sleek looking space. Modern staging is mostly monochrome colour based complimented with neutral tones and in some cases broken by bright colours used in wall art or cushions. We will create that stunning clean look with minimal accessories and a dash of artistic flair.


Heavy use of metal, stone and glass both clear and opaque with bold furniture can be found in a contemporary home. We use a soft colouring palette for heavily textured window furnishings, pillows and rugs. However, a heavier presence of colouring through blankets and cleanly framed wall art can be visible in some contemporary styled rooms. Simple well selected accessories are always used throughout this type of styling.

Urban / Industrial

Minimal modern styling with an authentic vintage feel using contrasting and complimenting elements of new and recycled items. Imagine comfy couches, rugs, storage solutions used as décor and large indoor plants. Deep colours of black, grey and brown is visible throughout this style of staging.


Picture grace and charm meets practical living. By selecting this style, you can expect to see a combination of plush couches, cushioned bar stools and an overall mix of eclectic décor. Warmth is introduced into the space by weathered woods, items with rustic finishes and complimented by colours that have a vintage or antique feel.


Beautiful light and airy spaces with a nod to beach/coastal through the use of colours and accessories. Have your room virtually staged using natural textures such as wicker, linen and timber to create that mixed matched sense of warmth and comfort. Imagine a big comfy linen sofa with a jute rug and timber coffee table, accessorized with wall art incorporating the beach or soft blue colours.

    Day to Dusk  £90

    Dusk is a beautiful time of the day but is notoriously hard to photograph, especially for an amateur. Our team of editing professionals will take your property photo from day to dusk with advanced editing techniques. We can turn any daytime or gloomy sky into a breath-taking sunset to really make your listing stand out from the rest.

    In addition to improving the overall look of your image with our 5 step image enhancement process, the editors at will also use advanced editing techniques to replace your daytime sky with beautiful dusk or sunset colours, turn on lighting, and use advanced white balancing techniques to give the overall image a consistent and realistic look, making your listing stand out from the rest.

    • Outdoor Dusk Sky Replacement 
    • Brightness & Contrast Adjustment 
    • Vertical & Horizontal Straightening 
    • Remove Minor Blemishes 
    • HDR Processing

    Image Enhancement  £90

    Photo enhancements are an inexpensive and cost effective way of turning your iPhone / android photos into professional looking photos an estate agent would be proud of. After all home buyers spend 60% of their time viewing photos, while only 20% on the property description and 83% of buyers deem photos to be important listing information. All the more reason to straighten, brighten and enhance your property’s best features for less than a fiver.

    The 14 step process

    1. White Balancing  - Balancing allows objects that are white in person to be rendered white in the photo so the property can be shown in the best light
    2. Image Sharpening - By sharpening the image, it will emphasize texture and improve the overall quality of your photo.
    3. Vertical & Horizontal Straightening - n image with a wonky horizon can make a photo look unprofessional, while incorrect vertical lines can make an image look distorted or as if the walls are leaning backwards.
    4. Remove Minor Blemishes - Spots, dots, and blemishes can all be removed to help create a flawless photo.
    5. Lens Distortion Removal - When shooting without professional equipment or the incorrect lens, distortion can occur as the lens tries to squeeze as much into the photo frame as possible. As a result, straight lines will be visibly curved. This can be rectified and will ensure the walls are straight.
    6. Brightness & Contrast Adjustment - Adjusting these elements will create depth, making the photo more engaging and inviting to the viewer.
    7. Outdoor Sky Replacement - Our professional editing team can replace a sky that is overcast, washed out or overexposed with a beautiful clear, blue sky.
    8. Lawn Enhancement - Repairing a lawn that may be a little brown from a lack of rain or replacing sections can show potential buyers just how great the lawn can be.
    9. Tone Adjustment - Tone adjustment is a great tool to add a dramatic effect to an image or a light mood, depending on the type of photo.
    10. TV Screen Replacement - replacing the blank screen with a beautiful image can really enhance the photo and the mood of the room.
    11. Dust Spot & Flash Reflection Removal - Dust can be hard to spot on a lens, especially the small lens of a smart phone. These spots that blur your photo or leave a mark can be removed to help create that perfect photo.
    12. Add Fire to Fireplaces  - Adding a fire will grab the viewer’s attention and is likely to evoke feelings of comfort.
    13. HDR Bracketing with Indoor Window Replacement - Bracketing allows bright exteriors and dark interiors to appear as your eye sees them.
    14. Remove Photographer’s Reflection - We remove photographer & camera reflections for a streamlined shot.

    All prices include VAT


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